Socially Conscious One Day Excursions

Departure City: iloilo, Philippines

Attention Tour operators and independent travelers:
You are invited to add this suggested itinerary to your existing tours in iloilo, Philippines.
It is about an hour drive from the city center. By doing so you will gain an unforgettable experience.

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Visiting the Aetas in Nagpana, iloilo, Philippines

Born in the minds of a small group of dreamers from iloilo, the American Tour Association is continuing their dreams of making other peoples hope a reality by inviting you to add this tour to your existing itineraries pertaining to the Iloilo area. On this tour we will visit the indigenous artist-designers Of Nagpana in Baratoc Viejo, Iloilo, about an hours drive from the city center. The artists of this Community aim in an eco-conscious way for cultural re-discovery through Their handmade, eco-friendly arts and crafts.