French Southern Territories: The Unspoiled Gems of the Southern Hemisphere


Amidst the vast expanses of the southern Indian Ocean, the French Southern Territories (Terres australes françaises) form a constellation of isolated islands and archipelagos.

These pristine habitats, veiled in near-constant mists and the chill of the roaring forties, are the home to an astonishing range of unique wildlife and host some of the most secluded and spectacular landscapes on the planet.

As remote as they are, these territories offer a spellbinding glimpse into the wild beauty of the natural world.


From the rugged, windswept cliffs of the Crozet Islands to the icy grandeur of the Adélie Land in Antarctica, each territory presents an entirely different facet of extreme and unspoiled environments. The Kerguelen Islands, one of the most remote places on Earth, are home to an array of unique and adapted flora and fauna, including the emblematic Kerguelen cabbage and the rare Kerguelen duck.

The islands are also famed for their abundant birdlife, from colonies of King penguins that huddle against the Antarctic chill, to Albatrosses that dance in the fierce winds of the "roaring forties". Amidst this dramatic, sometimes harsh environment, life has not only survived, but thrived in astonishing diversity and numbers.

Despite their remote location, these islands also bear the traces of human history. In Port-aux-Français, the main settlement of the Kerguelen Islands, you'll find the Chapelle Notre-Dame des Vents, a small chapel that stands as a testament to the human will to explore and inhabit even the most remote corners of our planet.

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Visa Requirements
Entry to the French Southern Territories is highly regulated due to their status as nature reserves. Visits are primarily for scientific research. A permit from the French Southern and Antarctic Lands administration is required for any visit.

The official currency is the Euro (€), but there are no commercial establishments in the territories.

The official language is French.

WiFi and SIM Cards
Due to the remote nature of the territories, internet access and mobile connectivity are severely limited.

Health and Safety
There are no specific health risks or vaccination requirements. Visitors should be prepared for extreme weather conditions and bring appropriate clothing and equipment.


       Last but not least

Here's another tip (or trick, you decide): If you have a keen interest in wildlife and a sense of adventure, it's possible to visit these remote territories on specially arranged expedition cruises. These trips offer a unique opportunity to witness an unspoiled corner of the world teeming with life.